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West Moors Memorial Bowling Club A friendly club providing lawn bowls and short mat bowling

Club History


The Club was founded in 1950 as a memorial to those who died in the 1939/45 War. It has had a mixed membership since the earliest days. The Club has always been a private one, run and maintained by its members. The land has been owned by the Memorial Hall, now a Charity Commission charity. For its first decade of existence the Club was run as a Memorial Hall facility, but always maintaining its financial independence. The Club obtained a 28 year lease for the land from the landlords in 1993.


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The Game
From the start, the Club entered the Bournemouth & District and Dorset leagues and made steady progress to the higher echelons. By 1976, three members had become regular Middleton Cup players. The Club enjoyed a magnificent year of achievement in 1978 when the club players won virtually every county trophy, both Ladies and Men Sections. In 1980, Lou Trim reached the EBA Singles Final. 
The Club has been honoured to provide several County Presidents and officers over the years. In 1986 Eve Walker became President of the EWBA. She remains a well-loved member of the Club.
To ensure full participation in the game for all members, a Monday Line-up was introduced in 1955 for those bowlers who were new or not interested in leagues but who liked good company and a competitive match. The line-ups continue today as popular as ever. In the mid-1990s a Friday night triples league was set up to attract players of all abilities to participate.
During the 1990s, the West Moors Ladies enjoyed great success over a lengthy period at county level and several members have represented Dorset in the National Finals at Leamington. Janet Green reached the 2000 Finals in 5 separate competitions ending runner-up in two of them. West Moors Ladies remains one of the strongest teams in Dorset.

The Facilities 
The first small changing room was replaced in 1960 with a pavilion donated by a Club member, Col. Abbott. This was enlarged in the mid-70s with the addition of a kitchen and a bar. The extension was built by member volunteers over a Winter period. This building was finally taken down in 1999 with the opening of the present clubhouse.
 In our Jubilee Year (2000) our new clubhouse was opened by Tony Allcock MBE. The building was jointly funded from the Sports Lottery Fund, local Councils and our members. Its design has permitted the Club to introduce Short Mat bowling which proved an immediate success during the Winter months. By 2006, over 115 residents have become members of this section and the club has raised three teams and joined the county short mat league.


The Green    
The present green was laid when the Club opened in 1950. For over 30 years it was fully maintained by volunteer members and brought up to a standard for County matches. Like most greens, it has had good and not so good seasons. However, for the last 15 years the Club has employed its own green keeper, Norman Cook, who has provided a consistently high standard of green maintenance to ensure it is one of the most admired in Dorset.   Norman retired from green keeping in 2006 and has been replaced by Bob Grey.   In 2010 the Club took over management of the green and arranged a contract with Greenside Ltd who carry out all the maintenance work except for the day-to-day tasks of cutting, rolling and other regular tasks.   It is once more one of the best greens in Dorset.