Webmaster John Price - Japril 2018

West Moors Memorial Bowling Club A friendly club providing lawn bowls and short mat bowling


Behind the Memorial Hall, Station Road, West

TelephonIe Clubhouse: 01202 897084    Club Secretary: 01202 892033




It was a lovely day, hot & sunny.   The Club had made strenuous efforts to advertise the event throughout the village.   This was rewarded with 45 visitors all interested in playing bowls.   The majority had never played bowls before.   Our Coaches and other member volunteers did a wonderful job preparing the green and providing coaching aids.   By the end of the day, 24 visitors had decided to take a closer interest in the game and our club facilities to the extent they signed on to a first proper training session on Wednesday 9th May.   Some photos of this session are shown below.

Our thanks to Peter and Cathy Hunter for masterminding and executing an excellent recruitment project which could lead to the Club gaining a significant increase in Membership.

All existing members are requested to welcome our new recruits and make them feel at home both on the green and in the pavilion.